Who are we?

Quirós Topografía was born with the idea of presenting a different service offer, where the precision demanded by the topographic exercise is extended through continuous monitoring in order to help our clients achieve their project objectives.

From the surveying of a land to delimit a property and the subsequent plan development, which can have a legal and real estate value, to civil works processes, such as buildings, roads, or urbanizations, topography plays a fundamental role throughout its beginning, monitoring and completion phases.

At Quirós Topografía we are aware of all of this and we seek, through our personnel, technological equipment and appropriate controls, to provide our clients not only with the correct measurement, but also with an interactive process, facilitated through technological tools, so that our clients are able to make the best decisions for their projects, based on clear, transparent and reliable information.


The founder of the company is Eng. Jorge Alexander Quirós Cubero. He graduated in Topography at Universidad de Costa Rica in 1996 and from there on he began working in different companies, both in the public (municipality) and the private sectors (companies of the topography sector). Such experiences allowed him to better understand the processes and procedures used in both sectors, as well as their interrelations.

In 2005, encouraged by a friend and having analyzed the market opportunity, he decided to quit his job at the municipality and start an independent career. Thousands of square meters of measurement, many services and an increasingly broader and more demanding clientele, including law firms and construction, engineering and architecture companies, led him to create the company Quirós Topografía in 2016, with a stronger organization and a larger group of high-performance qualified staff members, since the growing demand required it.

Today, Quirós Topografía continues growing and innovating, by investing in state-of-the-art equipment and technology, as well as in local and international training, which ensures its clients receive a quality service based on the most updated solutions.

The company is 100% Costa Rican and it prepares itself each year to render a service that allows its clients to be sure that the projects they develop have sound foundations.


To provide topographical and land surveying services with high performance personnel, offering an excellent, efficient and effective service which adds value to society.


To be the leading national company in topographical and surveying services, highlighting topographic engineering as a transcendental activity in the development of the country.

Our values






Land measurement, contour lines, appraisals, cadastre and more. The final quality of our work makes us different.

Our Experts

Eng. Jorge Alexander Quirós Cubero

General Manager

Licda. Elizabeth Rojas Esquivel

Deputy General Manager

MBA Adriana Campos Godínez

Manager / Marketing

Eng. Jill Calderón Naranjo


Eng. Warner Fernández Salas


Eng. Jose Benavides Bolaños


Isaac Núñez Cubero

Technical Drawer

Javier Quirós Rojas


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